frequently asked

What's included in your packages?

I offer a variety of packages averaging at $3,500. They vary by hours of coverage, legnth  highlight film. I offer a variety of add ons including full ceremony recording, drone coverage, first looks, letter readings, and more! I am always willing to work with any budget and customize packages to your needs.

Tell me about your equipment?

I come to every wedding with backup everything! I have high quality cameras, lenses, batteries, gimbals, monopods, tripods, SD cards, lights and audio equipment. My goal for the day is to be as non intrusive as possible while still capturing it beautifully. I record the day as it happens and capture the laughter and love taking place! 

How much does a couple typically spend for you to film their wedding?

Packages for local wedding are generally around $2,899

Do you backup our footage?

YES! I have multiple hard drives so that your footage is backed up safely. I save all the footage for 6 months after the wedding date!

How do you pose the couple?

I work alongside the photographers using their poses in order to not waste your time but take advantages of the beautiful shots the photographer designs.  I always introduce myself to your photographer beforehand in order to coordinate and work well together!

Will your pricing be the same a month from now?

If you wait to book, I can’t promise that my pricing will be the same as when you originally inquire. My pricing frequently changes due to the high demand of my services. 

Do you travel?

YES! I love traveling to cover weddings. Most of my weddings are in the Richmond, Charlottesville, NoVa, Fredericksburg, Williamsburg, and Norfolk area. I am always open to traveling anywhere!